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Let's start with the undeniable fact: all college students constantly get the task to compose a research paper. It is the professors' favorite, almost as frequent as an essay. Some people mix essays with research papers, and they do have much in common. For instance, they have the same "three-parts" structure. On another hand, there are differences as well. Research papers are longer and more demanding for the quality of an in-depth investigation of the topic. And it is much more focused on your logical conclusions and your capabilities to prove your rightness.

This kind of paper is one of the most useful for evaluating the student's level. That's why there are lots of guidelines and manuals with the research paper help tips.

Some things you should remember about the research paper in college

  • The size of a research paper can be different. Even a Ph.D. dissertation is a substantial research paper itself. However, when we deal with "standard" assignments, they are mostly about 3-5 pages long.
  • Though the central part of your research paper is the Body presenting the results of your examination, students get more issues with the smaller Introduction, Thesis statement, and Conclusions parts. They are short but meaningful, and you can't get excellent marks without making those elements. That's why most online manual recommend that you compose the Body part first, and then write the Introduction and Conclusions. It is a useful method, as you'll have a complete vision of the paper.
  • The Introduction is the part where you have to catch your audience with a "hook" – some interesting fact, paradox, stats data, or a quote. Then you need to briefly explain what your research is about and which methods you used for it. You can use the ready sources and perform your own investigations with polls, interviews, and other ways of the data collection.
  • In the Conclusion part, you should summarize the results of your work. Refer to the Introduction again, and tell how you proved your statement, and how you would work with the problem further.

These are just some hints on the research paper writing. However, this assignment is much more complicated, and you should care about many details. Many students stumble upon the requirements and ask for help. What if you ask: write my research paper, and I'll pay for it? It is a widespread situation.

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You can get information about such companies from different sources, like personal recommendations. Or, you might google the services and refer to online reviews and customers' feedback. Several features determine the quality of the professional writing company:

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